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When you need assistance with your writing, we can help. Our company has been offering academic writing services for more than 5 years now. Through our experiences with clients, we've been able to create tailored services. These help to ensure that every client can get what they need.

How Does the Online Essay Service Work

If you want to use our services, you need to go through a few simple steps to arrange and hire an essay writer .

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Regardless of the kind of paper you need to get done, we have a pool of qualified writers on hand. They’re skilled in helping with schoolwork like:

  • Term papers
  • Dissertations
  • Lab reports
  • Case studies
  • Essays
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Admission letters
  • Research papers
  • Homework

Depending on the service you require, we can create a unique paper, edit and proofread your work, or rewrite existing work to create something new. You can choose these while you make your order. Our form has various sections to ensure we get everything right from the beginning. By knowing exactly what you need, we’re able to match you to the most qualified writer.

Premium Services

While you create your order, you can also select some of our premium services. These enable you to get additional perks like:

  • Realtime updates on your order from the support team
  • A top-rated writer of your choosing
  • A plagiarism report upon submission

Support When Writing an Academic Paper

With any online service provider, you need assurances at various stages of the order process. That’s because you’re investing in them to receive a high-quality essay. Since clients tend to be concerned that you may not deliver, we have three communication channels available. That’s email, live chat, and phone support.

Through all these channels, the response is by one of our support representatives. We do not use any chatbots to ensure you receive adequate assistance. Live chat and phone support offer instant communication. With the email option, you may need to wait a couple of hours for a response.

There’s also a contact form you can access from your user profile. This is the same means you use whenever you’d like to talk to your writer. There are tabs for you to select whether you’re sending a message to customer support or your assigned writer. You can also indicate whether your communication is urgent to get speedy responses.


Another area our team can assist you with is pricing for your order. We understand that students need affordable services. That’s why we offer discounts based on different order amounts.

You can find out from the support team whether you qualify for a discount once you make your order. If you do, the discount gets deposited into your user account as cash or credits valid on your next order. However, for anyone with a bulk order of $500 and above, we automatically give them a discount.

Effective Academic Writing Service Guarantees

The services we offer are all prepaid. That means you pay the full amount before we assign a writer to you. For bulk orders, we offer installment plans. Even with these, clients have to pay at the start of each installment so that the writer can continue working.

Since you pay in advance, you may be worried about whether we’ll deliver as promised. To have you at ease, we offer various policies for all services offered and payments made. That way, you know you’ll get adequately compensated in case the work done doesn’t meet your initially provided instructions.

Moneyback policy – we aim to give our clients what they pay for. However, things don’t always go as planned. That’s where our moneyback guarantee comes in. You can request a refund of your money for different situations. So you don’t need to worry after you’ve paid for your order.

Privacy policy – online platforms can expose you to various risks if you’re not careful. That’s why we have a privacy policy that we adhere to. Through it, we ensure all client details are only used by our team. That’s to help keep track of payments and orders.

Professional Writers – from the writer applications we receive, we only pick the best. That way, we can ensure we deliver quality on all incoming orders. Our writers adhere to the given deadlines and provided essay writing instructions from clients. That helps them create the kind of submissions expected.
We also provide such services as custom writing online.

Order Your Academic and Professional Writing From Us

We’ve managed to become a top-rated platform based on how we deliver on orders. Have a look at what our clients think of us on https://essayswriter.com/. Our site offers paper writing services for high school through to college-level studies. Every order gets worked on by a professional in that given subject area. That way, you don’t have to worry about the quality of work submitted.

Besides that, we hire writers from around the world. So you get a writers’ pool of people from diverse backgrounds. And don’t worry about their communication fluency. Only those who pass our written and spoken grammar tests get considered to join our team. That way, each customer can communicate with you and create error-free deliveries.

If you encounter issues, you can get in touch with our customer representatives throughout the day. The 24/7 support also comes in handy for orders with tight deadlines. You’ll get informed of the availability of qualified writers to work on your papers. That way, the process can begin fast to keep up with your deadline. You can get a submission within at least a minimum of 6 hours, depending on the order’s details.
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