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Going to college is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. A good college or university means the degree you earn will be a reputable and highly regarded one, and that means you can get good jobs more easily. Your choice of college could determine the entire course of your life!

That’s why it’s really important to get into a good college. And to do that, you need a few things: good grades and a high GPA, good results in standardized tests like SATs and ACTs, extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, and finally a personal statement.

In our opinion, the last one is the most important one of them all. Let us explain why.

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Having good grades and lots of experience tells the college what you are capable of. But just being smart and talented isn’t enough. In order to succeed and thrive, one needs to have passion and dedication as well.

The personal statement is, well, an essay about yourself. It tells your background and history, your goals, your passions, and why you want to study at this particular college, and how it will benefit you.

Basically, all your grades and references explain that you are qualified to study at the college. The personal statement explains just why they should accept you over other people.

So, the better and more eloquently the statement is written, the better your chances of being accepted are! Unless you are a virtuoso when it comes to writing, why not leave it to our experienced professional writers to whip up a brilliant personal statement for you?

Students who made use of our services have gone on to study at the top-ranking colleges in the country, and even Ivy League institutions! You can also look at our reviews to see just how highly regarded our paper writing services are!

What does a Good Personal Statement for College Entail?

Here is what a personal statement should include:

  1. Start with a zinger of an opening line and explain why you are interested in the subject and college. This immediately gives the admissions officer a reason to care. Show off your passion and knowledge about the subject, but don’t spend too long on it!
  2. Explain why you would be a great fit for the institution and department, and why it is dear to you.
  3. Tell your story. Who you are, what you like to do, and what kind of person you are.
  4. Link your real-life experiences and any work experience you have with all the above. Assure them that you are genuinely a good fit.

The four steps mentioned are the basic framework for a personal statement. Our writers have a lot of experience with writing for academic careers and personal statements. They know how to dress one up beautifully and ensure that your passion and talents are expressed properly.

That’s why you should definitely use our services and order a custom personal statement essay for yourself. We will do our very best to get you into your dream college.

Preparing Personal Statement for College Scholarships

Personal Statements are not just for college applications. They are often used as a major judging criterion for scholarships as well!

Scholarships are critical for students who come from disadvantaged or underprivileged backgrounds. College is very expensive nowadays and it is unlikely that they would be able to afford the tuition fees.

But with a personal statement, they can explain why they genuinely deserve the scholarship and how it is necessary for them. This often helps bridge the gap between disadvantaged students and those who were able to get high grades and great extracurriculars because they could afford the spare time.

Keeping this in mind, we have kept our personal statement for college writing services as cheap as possible without compromising the quality. You won’t find a better price than EssaysWriter’s anywhere else!

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