I Am Malala – A Young Girl’s Strength Of Will

It is well known and upsetting that still in this century there is gender equality and a lot of people who can be judgemental. The memoir, “I Am Malala,” is compelling because the author, Malala Yousafzai, emphasizes determination to inspire millions of girls, bringing a change to herself and the society, overcoming personal struggles, and fighting for women’ rights.

Through “I Am Malala,” she inspires millions of young girls to continue their education, to make their voices heard, and speak up without any fear. “One child, one teacher and one pen can change the world.” (310) Malala becomes an international symbol of peace and is in the heart of every single child, who is helpless, and uneducated along with fighting for what’s right because without education you will not be able to make a career that will fulfill your needs and desires. Malala states “We felt like the Taliban saw us as little girls to control, telling us what to do and how to dress. I thought that if God wanted us to be like that he wouldn’t have made us all different.” (124) She realizes that the Taliban cannot control the women, so they have to take a stand and tell them what they are doing is wrong because all voices should be heard and no should be forced to do something that they do not want to. To windup Malala is trying to encourage and motivate other girls who should be getting the guidance, that can help later on in life and she is trying on commenting and letting children’s voices be heard.

Unexpected transformations have occurred in Malala’s life, whether its self-to-self or self-to-society. “I am Malala. My world has changed but I have not.” (154) Malala’s life has been slightly changing after her tragic accident. She knowledges that her life is somewhat transforming, She recalls herself about what she has been through, and what she can do in the future to be more successful. She does not want fame, instead, she wants to see how people will react after her incident and is anyone will change fr the better. Malala states, “Education is education. We learn everything and then choose which path to follow, Education is neither

Eastern nor Western, it is human.” (162) This shows Malala trying to bring a changing society because some Muslim Taliban leaders believe that education is dangerous for women, and when this is put out there families think the same way and they would not let their daughters go school, even if it is private. Malala is trying to say that you cannot change education, it is what it is. It is only different and dangerous when you decide what to do with it and how to use your knowledge. Overall, change is an inevitable part of life, whether it is personal or based on society. Malala is succeeding both ways, which is making her more responsible and caring towards others.

Life has many ups and downs, experiences, challenges, failures, and achievements, these all block our ways of being successful. Malala stayed strong through her hardest times even though her pain is unbearable. Without a doubt, “She explained that the bullet had entered through the side of my left eye where there was a scar, travelled eighteen inches down to my left shoulder and stopped there. It could have taken out my eye, or gone into my brain. It was a miracle I was alive.” (282) This was hard for Malala because she is very innocent and lived a happy life and loved to help others, so this happening to her was shocking for herself and her family. This was a struggle for her because she was not able to speak up for women’s rights or continue her education until she was fully recovered even though that was her motive. This tragedy brought a shock to her dad specifically because of how much he loves her, and he could not see hid daughter go through this much pain. Along with that, she says, “My father was convinced the Taliban would hunt him down and kill him, but he again refused security from the police. ‘If you go around with a lot of security the Taliban will use Kalashnikovs or Suicide bombers and more people will be killed’ he said. ‘At least I’ll be killed alone.’” (233) This shows that not only does Malala’s family care about themselves but others too, and this is shown by her dads’ actions. Where he refuses any personal security even when he is facing major threats by the Taliban. Besides, we all have something that we struggle in because no one is perfect. But we choose to move forward and stay positive through our thick and thin. Malala is now known for “the girl who stood up for education and was shit by the Taliban,” along with winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

When finishing the book “I Am Malala,” it recognizes that Malala is a strong believer in fighting for women’s rights, and making her voice be heard, s millions of people can benefit from it. “I raise my voice-not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard… We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.” (286) The protagonist believes that speaking for something with everyone else’s support could possibly bring a change, but if one’s speaking wit everyone opposing you will create problems. Moreover, Malala states, “As we crossed the Malakand Pass I saw a young girl selling oranges. She was scratching marks on a piece of paper with a pencil to account for the oranges show had sold as she could not read or write. I took a photo of her and vowed I would do anything in my power to help educate girls like her. This was a war I was going to fight.” (108) It is hard for Malala because seeing girls her age working, while they are supposed to be studying in a school, papers and pens, disheartened her. So this made Malala stronger as an activist because she knew she will have to speak up for them or else the women in her society would not be comfortable enough to speak up for themselves out of their villages. Clearly, fighting for women’s rights is Malala’s goal, which she is still working through hard work and determination.

In conclusion, “I Am Malala” is captivating because Malala is committed to stimulating young girls, conducting change to herself and the society, prevailing over personal struggles and combating for women’s rights. Malala is trying to encourage and motivate young girls so their voices can be heard, and she has brought herself and the society to change by becoming more responsible and caring towards others. Finally, Malala has over com her personal struggles by winning the Nobel peace prize, Also, she has fought for women’s rights that will affect millions of lives around the globe.