Reagan And The New Right Conservatives

Regan achieved the purpose of the Right Conservation. One was the economy, and the other was the new right conservative’s foreign policy. The new rights from the late 1970s into early 1980s. America was a decade taxflation ten years to raise up the economy, also to decrease governments. New Right Conservatives were to expenditures support the military. His right conservatives policy was for crusade freedom to a free market. President Regan was a liberalism person, his every policy was about to freedom.

For the economy, Reagan has a lot of policies that match the New Right. Paul Craig Robert writes: “ Since the interest on the debt is tax-deductible, being in debt was the only way for people to get some of their income back from the government and experience a rise in living standards. Businesses were equally encouraged by the tax system to go into debt. The only way out of this dilemma is to improve production incentives and the cash flow of individuals and businesses, while gradually reducing the rate of money growth.” (Paul Craig Roberts, 1984, pp. 20-25, 89-94, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press). Regan wanted to use these policies to change the economy, to support citizens, and to help them have a better life. These policies are also reflected in the picture to the right. This picture showed how the government has a policy of cutting money to support the American military. To the New Right, big government was the worst thing to have happened to American liberty. Hence, they wanted to cut government spending.

Regan was also leading America economy from a rebound. Reagan did not want people to pay high taxes, or to have high taxes support the area where they lived. In Reagen’s own way he felt the government was limiting American economic and personal freedom. “He declared that big government was the greatest threat to American liberty. Social spending and welfare needed to be cut to reduce the tax burden on individuals and families. Government regulations were inhibiting economic growth and personal freedoms.”(The New Right,, Independence Hall Association). It was the rights of American families to support themselves without pressure to pay the government a heavy burden. Reagan also said, “We’ve presented a complete program of reduction in tax rates. Again, our purpose was to provide an incentive for the individual, incentives for business to encourage production and hiring of the unemployed, and to free up money for investment.”(President Reagan Address to the Nation, August 3, 1981). These policies were similar to the New Right’s policies.

From his foreign policy, he was a hostile attitude to the Soviet Union from the free West and the slave Communist countries. He called the Soviet Union Evil Empire. He used his own way to make press that produced the US. “By the election of 1984, most Americans felt better off economically; inflation and unemployment were down and the economy was expanding. Further, their fears about becoming involved in war were diminished.”(Ronald Reagan. American History, ABC-CLIO, 2019) He pushed the Soviet Union, to support the US citizens. Reagan was a debate to the Soviet Union about the road toward nuclear which can make American safer. “Reagan’s greatest pride as president was to have started down the road toward nuclear disarmament through one-on-one diplomacy with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.”(Ronald Reagan. American History, ABC-CLIO, 2019). The president was very helpful for the country to be free and without any involved.

Regan achieved the purposes of the Right Conservation. They both created an economy that supported people’s rights and freedom. They both did not want to give people too much pressure. Both Reagan and the New Right did things aimed to make America a better country. Also from the foreign policy, he supports America to be growing up and a safe country. American citizens have the best benefits.