The Life And Career Of John F. Kennedy

“In particular, I think, captured the idealism, the ability to imagine and remake America to meets its ideals, in a way we haven’t seen before or since…And I don’t know of anyone who has had that same impact on a generation and inspired so many people”(“20 quotes that explain why JFK was a great leader”). This recognition made by former president Obama wasn’t to Donald Trump, but to one of the greatest presidents America has had. A outstanding president that prevented nuclear war, taking America out or recession, accomplished getting the first man on the moon, and many more accomplishments for America was done by this man alone. Not only did this man accomplish political peace but also brought the people together in America. Taken away too soon stopping us to see what more accomplishments he could have made, this is the life of John F. Kennedy from the high’s to low’s and from the beginning to the heartbreaking end of it.

It all started on the day of May 29,1917 (“John F. Kennedy Biography”) when Rose Kennedy gave birth to her second child named John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Brookline, Massachusetts. As a young boy John was always sick from simple things like colds,flu, and scarlet fever to then a more serious undiagnosed disease that nearly brought him to the brink of death (“John F. Kennedy Biography”). Being sick didn’t stop John from being a kid,doing activities,and going to school. Although John did miss a bit of school his father made sure he did not miss out on competitions and other activities that all eight of his siblings did. His father Joseph was involved in all nine of his kids lifes and made sure they all did activities and were set on winning in everything they did (“John F. Kennedy Biography”). John took this lesson seriously and always strived to win and never lose, his sister once said “That’s the only thing Jack gets really emotional about – when he loses.” (“John F. Kennedy Biography”). Although John didn’t like to lose he didn’t really have a problem with being average in school, in school John had other priorities. When it came to school John wasn’t very motivated to be the best of the best, he much rather focus on sports and girls. Going to school as a young boy he attended Canterbury, a catholic school for boys in Connecticut (“John F. Kennedy Biography”). Even though John was a poor student he did well in English and History, but all other subjects were harder for John to do well in. Continuing in school he then went to Choate, still continuing to slack in school John put even more focus on the sports and girls. His father noticed the lack of potential John had but still had wishes he would prosper. After graduating from Choate he then went to spend a semester at Princeton, to then transfer to Harvard (“John F. Kennedy Biography”). 

In Harvard John was a very popular kid, he was known for being all about the women, even saying himself “I can now get tail as often and as free as i want which is a step in the right direction (“John F. Kennedy Biography”). Although he was all about the lady’s fellow classmates say he was a fun soul to be around. In his upper class year John focused more on his education realizing his interest in the subjects, he then writes a research paper on the subject of Britain’s take on World War ll (“John F. Kennedy Biography”). Writing such a great essay it was later than made into a book “Why England Slept” doing great in sells his father was proud (“John F. Kennedy Biography”). Once done with school and graduating from Harvard John went into the U.S Navy along with his older brother. On a mission protecting a torpedo they were attacked and John got injured, but despite this he saved a fellow member. Later being rescued John then got a medal and “purple heart” for his courageous actions and from the injuries (“John F. Kennedy Biography”). John survived this incident in war but his brother did not survive when his plane crashed in war. Devastated from his brothers death John took on the responsibilities of his older brother to one day become president, like everyone thought his brother would one day be. After the Navy John worked for the Hearst Newspaper as a reporter (“John F.Kennedy Biography”). Later on he decided to get more serious about his goals and ran for US House of Representatives in 1946 (“John F. Kennedy Biography”). Having a easy win in the election John then served three years, but then grew tired of the position wanting to do more (“John F. Kennedy Biography”). Seeing a opportunity in the US Senate position John ran for the position, and with the help of his status and family wealthy won. From this experience John met Jacqueline Bouvier who he would later on marry on September 12,1953 to then have three kids of their own. John then decides to write another book in the time he is healing from a surgery from falling ill again. The book “Profiles In Courage” won the Pulitzer prize (“John F. Kennedy Biography”). Serving his eight years in Senate John once again grew tired of the position and four years later decides to run for president. Winning the election John became the 35th president on November 8, 1960 (“John F. Kennedy Biography”). 

Through his term of being president John had many accomplishments from space landings to saving America from going into a nuclear war. Through all the goods John did politically he wasn’t so innocent, as some people have some speculations on the doings of John. Many speculations went around that John and the famous model Marilyn Monroe were having a affair. They were only speculations but there was one occasion that they actually went to the same event, which was John’s birthday party. Many people said that they were flirting and at the party Marilyn Monroe even sang happy birthday to John on his birthday (William Manchester). She also put on a sexy performance and said happy birthday to you after the performance in a childish like voice (William Manchester ).

They were nothing but speculations though no evidence was found to prove this affair speculation. As time went Marilyn Monroe killed herself, many speculated she did so because she couldn’t be with John.As time goes on John and Jacqueline went to Dallas for a parade and rode in a open limousine and then two shots were taken at John. He was shot in the head and in the middle of the neck, he was then rushed to Parkland memorial hospital (William Manchester). John was then pronounced dead on November 22,1963 around 12:35, Jacqueline refused to change out of her bloody outfit because she wanted the world to see what cruelty was done to John (William Manchester ). Minutes later Johnson took oath to take the presidential position, and a man named Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the shooting of John (William Manchester). Two days later while Oswald was being transferred and another man named Jack Ruby went and shot Oswald. There were conspiracy that Oswald didn’t act alone but everyone insists that he was the lone killer and Rudy feels as if he did the world justice in killing Oswald. After the government did some digging in the life of Oswald there were some sketchy information found on his life. Before the assassination Oswald met with the Cuban and soviet ambassadors, as many speculate that he was working for them to get revenge on Kennedy (Daniel Victor).

The day John died the world mourned the life of john that was taken way too soon. Now although John was killed there are many conspiracies going around of the reason he was killed. First the question is who did it, Oswald was involved but did he act alone? Was he sent on a mission to do this task of killing John? There are thoughts that the Mafia was the one who sent Oswald, the speculations go around due to a man confessed saying “We should have killed Bobby instead” (J patrick Kieger). There was also a man with a umbrella on this sunny day, as the vehicule passed by he opened the umbrella now people think this was a signal to shoot (Daniel Victor). After the umbrella was open the shots were taken, conspiracy lines up but no hard evidence to prove this. There are even many ideas going around as to why he was killed, was it the mafia, was it some government thing done? There are speculations but no hard evidence to prove any of this, many people believe there is a different story to this devastating occasion . We just have to live without knowing the truth and stick to what was told to us. May the life of Kennedy be remembered and never forgotten and may the truth one day come out.