The Role Of Theodore Roosevelt In The Development Of America’s Foreign Policies

The intention of the paper is to find out the role and responsibilities of Theodore Roosevelt in the development of America’s foreign policies in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. In order to establish a foreign policy of a country one needs to know the political, geographical and economic strength and weaknesses of the country. The paper is going to explain what were the major policies adapted by Theodore Roosevelt in order to improve the foreign development of America. It also seeks to find out how he built his image to portray himself as a public figure. He had taken many decisions to place his nation at the top of all the other nations which had caused him to go through different kind of experiences. The paper explains in detail what experience he had during his time directed by the decisions he had taken. Finally the paper delves into what were the perspectives he had on the role of America on the world stage and what were his foreign policies?

Theodore Roosevelt along with other presidents of America believed that they should inflate for the sake of reaching the “destiny of the Anglo-Saxon race” . They also considered the Americans to be at the top of all the races dwelling in any part of the world. The self confidence in his nation and the people made him believe that they exist at the summit of the pyramid of the human race. They are not only superior as race but also they possess more ambition, intelligence, intellect and creativity as compared to all other races in the whole world. Industrialists showed that for the sake of expansion of the industries and business it is important to move outside the territories and conquering parts of different nations and establishing their own dominance over those places are the only way to gain success. On the other hand farmers who were greatly reliant on the industries in some cases also need their countries to be expanded in order to spread their products. Therefore looking deep into the method of expansion of the nation became inevitable. From this situation rose the necessity of adapting a new foreign policy.

Theodore Roosevelt, in The Winning of the West, in 1896, distinctively declared that Americans needed to expand its territories for its betterment. It certainly could cost anything. He thought it would be righteous for them if they could conquer the places owned by “backward people” because that would be utilized properly if they are cultivated culturally and intellectually by the desirable human labor. Even at the cost of crushing defeat of the “Indians in American west” could make his dream come true of America to be at the summit of success . He dreamt that for the sake of fulfilling the interest and the desirable welfare of the mankind crushing other races were not a bad idea. Rather that was the best they could do to serve the world with everything better. The idea was heartily supported by the eminent personalities and the responsible citizens of America.

Theodore Roosevelt had always dreamt of being a hero be it political, military or the hero of the whole nation and possibly the world. He had admitted that he had once ended one Spaniard’s life with the feeling of as if it was a jack rabbit. Killing with shrewdness without regret was his unique style of coming to the forefront. He never thought the act of killing to be wrong because he was doing it for the sake of the betterment of his own nation and the welfare of the people residing in his country. After losing his mother and his wife at the same time he lost hope and was this disappointed that he removed himself from politics and sold his family property and shifted to other place and spent his life in solitude. However after the death of the President McKinley he had been bestowed with the responsibilities of the President. According to Mark Hannah there was no option than this “damned cowboy” to be the President after the shocking death from the bullet of the assistant of McKinley. Although he was known for his aggressive diplomacy yet he was more familiar with public affair and vitality than any of the contemporary Presidents.

He believed that America needed to expand in order to establish law, order and harmony in the nation. With the termination of the Spanish-American War the most concerning subject became the issue of building the Panama Canal. It would not only be beneficial for the sake of travelling but also will make the ships traverse from the distant Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico easily. This could simply cut down the great distance of 8000 miles and it would be very convenient to travel from San Francisco to New York City . Roosevelt with his political wit prepared a strategy where he actually helped the Panamanian rebels against the Colombia rule in order to make a treaty signed to get the independent nation 2 miles widened from before. He smartly with a very low coast achieved the long Canal area of 5o mile.

The episode of building the Canal was not very happy because of the employment of the numerous unskilled labors. Many of them died due to the infliction of yellow fever and some lost their lives in accidents. However the Canal came to existence on 15th August, 1915. In the year 1904, when there was a rising crisis due to the extreme burden of debt of the Dominican Republic, he was forced to send a couple of warships to the nation of the islands because he had to collect the money form that of the Latin America. From that incident onwards it became quire inevitable that the President would be justifiably send forces to make sure that all debts are properly paid.