Transgender Military Ban In America

Today biology appears to be taken lightly and it is often played with. In the US basic human biology is thought to be wrong because people’s feelings aren’t supported by the facts. Transgenderism in today’s world is a big form of ignorance being fueled by emotions. People believe that their feelings are above facts and feel the world should revolve around their feelings without thinking of the ramifications. President Trump and his administration have taken much needed action to protect the nation by banning transgender people, pre-operation, from military service because it would be an economic loss, a danger to other soldiers, and the overall disruption of military service.

The transgender military ban is a smart move for the nation because it allows more money to be preserved and distributed effectively. The military is important because it helps provide national security, therefore you want it to be at its best. With money being wasted on people who require medication and surgery because they choose to be something they’re not opportunity to improve military standards fades away. The ban is only for those who are or were diagnosed with gender dysphoria, or those who require medications or surgery, if the person doesn’t fall under any of those circumstances and they are willing to join under their actual gender they can then serve in the military(Vox). Even after the surgery there are hormone pills that they have to take because it keeps the surgery effective which is a consistent amount of money being lost. The government money that goes to the military is a lot, but cutting it short to pay for surgeries or medications not caused in action doesn’t help the military. It makes more sense to use the money to its fullest and improve military equipment, bases and more so the military could flourish and be successful.

Moreover, transgenders being banned from the military prevents any danger for other soldiers while in action. While in action the military works in groups because it has the highest chance of success, only in rare cases are there solo missions, so each soldier works hand in hand to protect and help each other. War in itself can be a very traumatizing experience the last thing that is needed is biological factors that work against themselves and harm fellow soldiers. Suicide rates in the transgender community are ridiculously high and it goes to show that they are overall not the happiest(Suicide Attempts among Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Adults TABLE 7). This can cause a transgender soldier to not be at the full potential needed to complete a mission which can result in deaths or a mission failed. With army efficiency at risk the most effective thing in the long run must be done. Though it might seem discriminatory, it is about efficiency and the military have the right to allow only those deemed fit to be in the army.

In addition to the economic disruption and danger to other soldiers, the transgender military ban prevents an overall disruption of the military service. The transgender people that refuse to enlist to the army by their natural gender can cause a deficiency in the training of soldiers. By enlisting under a false gender the training that is undergone can’t be created to gain the best results in the soldier ability because when there is women training with men, biologically speaking, they will not be able to withstand the same amount of training. While this doesn’t seem to be a problem in mass it is quite the opposite because the number of the transgender population is increasing, so the ramifications of not acting now could affect the nation greatly. There are about 1.4 million adults in America which greatly increased from 700,000(NYT). If the number of transgender people in the army increased in larger numbers, then there would be noticeable fallacies in the accuracy of data for medical information and many other important information. Men and women need to have certain checkups while in the army to make sure they are fit to continue their service, but if the true gender is avoided then it affect the ability of medical staff to get desired results and know if the results obtained were desired. To allow transgender people to enlist in the army as long as it is under the natural gender prevents an abundance of problems.

By Trump and his administration acting to prevent transgender people from joining the army, if it’s not under the correct gender or if the person has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, all the aforementioned problems can be avoided. The economic malfunction that could occur will be evaded and the money can go to improving the equipment, bases, and more in the army. Soldiers will not have to worry about the liability of other soldiers and it can improve overall effectiveness and success the army has. The ban is logical and sound because it will result in good consistency in the army.


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