Why The Minimum Wage should Be Increased

In our society, there are several issues that we have not addressed. One of the most discussed topics is the minimum wage. What is the Minimum wage? The Minimum wage is the lowest amount that an employer can get or required to pay an hourly worker. In the United States, minimum wage is now currently at $7.25 per hour. I agree that the minimum wage should be increased because the low minimum wage make it hard for people to meet the standard of living cost, difficulty getting health insurance, and youth employment.

Some people might see the idea of increasing the minimum wage can cause problems , but this can benefit other people as well. Increasing minimum wage can give many people the benefits of having a better life style; and people will most likely spend money on rent, gas, and other things such as food. In the book “Serving In Florida” (Ehrenreich) tell us more about her story of how she lived working as a waiter and housekeepers in Key West,Florida. Her first experiences with a job search was when she applied to the Winn-Dixie as a waiter.she was only making $2.15 per hour,but that was still not enough for her living expenses.Although she was really tired from working every day,she still have the same caring and generous attitude toward the customers as the other waitresses. One day while wrapping silverware; Gail, a women who she works with Barbara had told her about renting a room at the Days Inn for $40 to $60 per day, then Barbara asks her why she doesn’t get an apartment. The problem was that Gail can’t afford the two month’s down payment in rent it would take to get an apartment. This is one of the lessons of the low-wage industry. Every person who has worked in a restaurant industry can be related to this situation. There were so many people who are struggling to make their living because of the low wage pay. Although, people had moved from one job to another job or they have to work two jobs to make their everyday living. As to this result, we can say that low wage pay can it make it hard for residents in some state to meet their standard of living.

According to Hill, Heather D., and Jennifer Romich,workers will most likely be affected directly given their concentration in low‐paying jobs, but younger children may be affected indirectly by changes in “parents’ work conditions, family income, and the quality of nonparental child care.” low income parents are working hard everyday inorder to have enough money to provide for their family, because economic conditions and caregivers’ relationships with children have far‐reaching implications for health,and economic success in adulthood, these indirect effects may affect individuals’ well‐being If the government would increase Higher wages will increase earnings and income, and should increase the welfare of parents and children.

As a result, increasing wage will boost up our economy higher. When people spend money, it will raise the demand in the industry and it helps creates job opportunity. Raising the wage will lower unemployment rate and also have a higher wage increase tax revenues. Many companies may not like the idea of increase wage, but they rather not their employment seeking out for a better paying jobs with other companies. In other words, higher wage will be benefit for employees because will help their physical and mental health; and it will lead to higher productivity of the company increases.